Daryl Hall & John Oates On Tour 2017

If you really want to break it down with the Old School, you HAVE to include Hall & Oates.  I mean, what genre are they really?  Rock n Roll?  Soul?  Pop?  Funk?  It makes no difference.  All of their songs are on point.  We could really categorize them if you like.....


You can still jam I Can't Go for That at a lounge and EVERYONE will groove to that.  What can you say about One On One?  There are basketball references to you listen closely.  Genius if you ask me.

80's Dance


Slow Jams

Sara smile has been remade a zillion times, from artists such as After 7, Seal, and Eric Benet.

One of my favorite shows is Live At Daryl's House.  Hall will invite several of his favorite artists over his house, and they jam and eat some good food.  I would love to be a fly on the wall for one of these sessions!

Check out a teaser for one of the episodes:



Anyway, now that I have you in the mood, the duo will be out on the road this summer.  If you like musicianship, this will be the show to see.  They have one of the baddest bands in the land!

Here are a few of the dates/cities:


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